Welcome to Livin' The Dream Racing

Our race team started back in 2009 with a few goals in mind.  First, race competitively in the NHRA, both at local levels and eventually at Divisional events.  Second, give people a chance to experience drag racing in a way that most never get to by participating in displays, charity events, car shows, and programs such as Race To Read, and allowing fans to sit in the car for photo shoots, question and answers, and just for the fun of getting the chance to sit in a real race car that they may not have the opportunity to any other time.  Third, by getting the word out about our sport.  Drag racing involves loud cars, amazing speeds, and intense competition!  However, there is much, much more to our sport.  Family and friends is what it's all about, the racing itself is simply the vehicle that we use to get there.  Our team is dedicated to reaching out to as many people that we can to help grow our sport, but also to share the values and relationships that we have within our racing circles.  We hope to see you at the track!